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Millies Potatoes Millie’s serves lunch and dinner during the week from Tuesday through Sunday, and brunch on Saturdays and Sundays also. voters and Style Weekly magazine readers consistently choose Millie’s as Best Brunch in Richmond, and there are legions of brunch fans who show up at Millie’s religiously every weekend. Indulgent specials like the soft scrambled eggs with lobster and hollandaise, a gigantic spicy crab and egg enchilada and the famous Devil’s Mess frittata will satisfy the heartiest of appetites. There is usually a line for brunch at the door, but it generally moves along pretty quickly and best of all, you can enjoy a great Bloody Mary or Mimosa if you have to wait.  Dinner at Millie’s is more subdued, with a cozy atmosphere and tiny open kitchen, where you can watch the chefs create your meal.   Millie’s uses as many locally sourced products as possible, and many items on the menu may change nightly.

Millie’s is not only highly regarded for its food, but also for its vintage individual jukeboxes and amazing collection of real 45s. Bon Appetit magazine noted Millie’s as “the best example of an updated Richmond…a Lamb at Millies Diner“haute diner” which “serves up everything from Prokofiev to Patsy Cline”. Think of it as Carmen Miranda meets the Confederate widow… a study in eclecticism. ” (Bon Appetit Magazine). Over the years, Millie’s has garnered many favorable reviews from all the major food publications such as Gourmet, Saveur and Bon Appetit, several national newspapers, and an ever-growing list of websites, blogs and guidebooks.

Millie’s is owned and operated by Paul Keevil and Lisa Edwards.

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2603 E. Main St. | Richmond, VA 23223 | (804) 643 - 5512

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