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Dinner Menu

Millie's Dinner Menu


Millie’s Caesar Salad    8.
romaine hearts, marinated Alici white anchovy, walnuts, pecorino-romano, croutons

Potato Chowder with crab, bell peppers, red potatoes, herb cream    6.

Pan Roasted Chicken Thigh    10.
warm potato salad, red onion, preserved lemon, dijon vinaigrette   12.

Shishito Peppers    9.
fish sauce, lemon aioli, crushed peanuts, pork belly

Steamed Mussels    12.
patatas bravas, spicy tomato broth, sausage

BBQ Spare Ribs    10.
pineapple BBQ, roasted oyster mushrooms, cilantro

Roasted Bone Marrow    10.
salsa verde, sweet pickled onions, crostini


Thai Spicy Shrimp   24.  
asparagus, shiitakes, lime, red cabbage, cilantro, peanuts, rice noodles

 Grilled Pork Loin   23.
roasted fingerling potatoes, braised swiss chard, bourbon-molasses glaze

Vegetable Stir Fry    16.
steamed rice, pineapple chutney, carrot, cilantro, onions, shiitake mushrooms, baby bok choy

Grilled Teres Major Bistro Steak   23.
stoneground grits, wine poached carrots, brown sugar dijon cream

 Pan Seared Mahi    24.
charred avocado puree, black bean salsa, mint raita, cilantro

Pan Seared Scallops   25.
parmesan bread pudding, sauteed kale, chermoula, candied lemon peel

Roasted Duck Breast   24.
roasted radish, pearled barley, red wine gastrique

**consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, eggs, seafood or shellfish may increase risk of food borne illness

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